Tegro Gen2 DEX Features:

  • Efficient Orderbooks: Dive into markets with CEX-like liquidity, ensuring optimal trade execution without slippage.
  • Gasless Quotes: Place and adjust your trades freely. Tegro's innovative approach eliminates the burden of gas fees, enabling true, real-time price discovery.
  • Lightning-fast Orders: Experience the thrill of immediate trade execution. Tegro's advanced technology ensures your trades are settled faster than ever.
  • Binance-like APIs Support: Harness the power of sophisticated algorithms with simple plug & play option. Tegro supports complex trading strategies, empowering you to trade smarter and more efficiently.
  • Optimized Gas Efficiency: Say goodbye to prohibitive costs. Tegro optimizes your gas usage by batching orders, ensuring that you spend less and trade more.
  • Robust MEV Protection: Trade with peace of mind. Tegro safeguards your strategies against predatory practices, ensuring your trades are executed as intended.
  • Uncompromised Self-custody: Retain absolute control over your assets. Tegro's custody-less fund transfers guarantees that you're the sole master of your crypto.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Seamlessly transition from traditional platforms to Tegro's DEX. Our user-friendly interface makes trading intuitive, simple, and efficient.