type Token: {
  chainId: number;
  contractAddress: string;
  createdAt: Date;
  decimals: number;
  id: string;
  logo: string;
  metadata: string;
  name: string;
  symbol: string;
  updatedAt: Date;

Represents a Token with its properties.

Type declaration

chainIdnumberThe chain ID on which the token exists.
contractAddressstringThe contract address of the token on its blockchain.
createdAtDateThe timestamp when the token was created.
decimalsnumberThe number of decimal places the token supports.
idstringThe unique identifier for the token.
logostringThe URL or path to the logo representing the token.
metadatastringAdditional metadata associated with the token.
namestringThe name of the token.
symbolstringThe symbol of the token (e.g., ETH, BTC).
updatedAtDateThe timestamp when the token was last updated.