type Order: {
  baseCurrency: string;
  contractAddress: string;
  orderHash: string;
  orderId: string;
  price: number;
  quantity: number;
  quantityFilled: number;
  quoteCurrency: string;
  side: OrderSide;
  status: OrderStatus;
  time: Date;

Represents an order with its properties.

Type declaration

baseCurrencystringThe base currency symbol of the trading pair.
contractAddressstringThe contract address of the traded asset.
orderHashstringThe unique hash representing the order.
orderIdstringThe unique identifier for the order.
pricenumberThe price per unit of the asset in the order.
quantitynumberThe total quantity of the asset in the order.
quantityFillednumberThe quantity of the asset that has been filled.
quoteCurrencystringThe quote currency symbol of the trading pair.
sideOrderSideThe side of the order (buy or sell).
statusOrderStatusThe status of the order (e.g., open, filled, canceled).
timeDateThe timestamp when the order was placed.